Beesy Bee Hive Frames

Make Beehive Frames that just simply snap together,
reduce the effects of that sticky propolis that your bees just love to glue up your Bee hive !

or make them as cheap as chips…. Click to watch video

Here at “Beesy” I have spend the last 21 years developing and refining a new system of beehive frames. My main criteria during this period was to bring you a new type of frame that would be cheap, easy to assemble without tools, did not use traditional wood, and was reusable.  The result is the “Beesy” Plastic Corner  and Frame system. See  Page 1  and   Page 2.

Beesy Plastic Corners and Frames

The Beesy Plastic Corner system of frames allows you to assemble handa  frames in just a few moments, without the use of tools, pins, nails or glue. The system uses plastic corners  be can be used to make frames of all sizes. I can supply frames for the most common sizes immediately  at competitive prices, alternatively you could make your own. I am confident that the systems will provide both the beginner and experienced Beekeepers with a number of advantages over the traditional wooden frames.

Currently, I can supply either corners, frames or both to addresses in the UK. The minimum purchase is 10 frames/corners, but I am happy to send out samples so you can evaluate the systems before committing to a larger purchase. If you have any questions that are not answered on the FAQ page, please feel free to contact me.